4 Ocean Estate




Ocean estate, one of the most controversial East London ghettos, renowned for competitive prices of heroin sold and used there, once visited by Tony Blair in the 90s. Eventually demolished after almost three years of occupation by squatters. (http://libcom.org/library/keeping-occupied)


84 Great Eastern St (formerly The Foundry)

84 Great Eastern St (The Foundry) was squatted from June to July 2010. It was squatted and turned into a social centre where the occupants facilitated amongst other things; craft skillshares, free cafes, film screenings, poetry nights and live music. The occupation was in celebration of the Foundry, a bar which was a beacon of counterculture in east London. It provided affordable drinks and a meeting hub for artists of all kinds to showcase their work, for free. The Foundry was forced to close when the premises was bought by an ‘Art ‘otel’ wanting to charge extortionate prices that most artists cannot afford. At the time of writing it is still empty, over a year later.